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A Note on Privacy

I take protecting your e-mail address very seriously. To help protect your e-mail I've taken the following steps:

  • First, I will not ever give out your e-mail address to any sort of marketing list.
  • You may opt-out of periodic (very infreqent) e-mail updates about the site.
  • You may choose not to be acknowledged for any of your contributions to the site (i.e., not have your name show up).
  • If you choose to have your contributions acknowledged, only registered users can see this information.
  • The only place that e-mail addresses show up on the site is in discussion forums.
  • Your e-mail will not be displayed on any pages where crawlers can come along and add them to their large marketing e-mail databases. (You will see information when you are logged in, but not when logged out. If you notice any exceptions to this, please notify me immediately.)

I get WAY too much spam e-mail these days and am a user just as you are. This site is a bit unusual in that I'm not selling anything, there are no pop-ups, etc. I just want to take the step to have users register for two reasons - 1) help ensure the integrity of changes made to the database, and 2) provide a more enjoyable experience for users.

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