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About the Book

About The Zachry Family Tree "Southern Branch" by Clare H. Zachry

The book appears to be a copy of typed  (not word processed or typeset) pages painstakingly put together. You can see the use of multiple typewritters in putting the book together. There are some photographs that were "squeezed" onto the bottom of a page using a different typewriter. The book does not have an ISBN number and was not in general print. Instead I believe that Clare (or someone associated with the study)  tried to make sure that each living person listed in the book received a copy. I was among those fortunate to receive a copy.

Introduction and Forward by Clare Zachry




   Cousin Ellen Henrietta Zachry Stough,of Notasulga,Alabama, (descendant of Jesse Zachry,youngest son of John and Sarah Hay Zachry) expressed,several years ago,better than I would be able, my feeling toward the Zachry history.

   Her comments,which accompanied a large volume of information, were so pungent and inspiring that I am quoting them here,verbatim:

   "There may be many errors in my small contribution to the Zachry history,but it is happily intended to give knowledge of the past,out of which the future may be mirrored."

   "Our record is truly simple,but those who have made it (our ancestors) deserve much credit for making the best of whatever they had,until it could be replaced with something better. Nothing has been found to replace the courage and self-reliance that they used to overcome their adversities."

   "They have held before us, ideals of true honesty and sincerity, which are no small heritage. It is something we cannot buy with silver or gold- It is preiceless! And very precious! Holdon to it! Never let it go!"

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[IMG caption]Brenda Albright (wife of my grandson Sam Zachry Albright) whose great assistance made a vital contribution to the completion of this work.


   This book is a compilation of the best information that we have been able to assemble,over a period of about 15 years,including five trips to Georgia and Alabama and research in Virginia.

   On four of these trips,I was accompanied by my lovely wife, Elizabeth,who when to be with The Lord on July 22,1975. She was the inspiration for,and of great assistance in,the development of this study.

   In my travels among the Zachry's,two observations were made. First,"we have never met a Zachry we didn't like". And the Zachry men applauded that statement.

   Second,"the Zachry men have always out-married-themselves". This the ladies applauded.

   Although much time has been devoted to this study,the author recognizes that this work does not cover all the Zachry's in the United States,but represents mainly those Zachry's who moved south immediately after the Revolutionary War. There are still Zachry's in Virgina,Kentucy,Missouri,Tennessee,Mississippi and North and South Carolinas,which are not included in this work.

   The spelling of the Zachry name in early virginia was generally Zachary.

   Later the spelling for Zachry's in the United States Georgia Censuses seemed to be based on phonetic sound. In one instance, the 1830 Census in Georgia,listed 14 Zachry's,all descendants of one man,and were spelled four ways--Zachary,Zachery,Zachara and Zachry.

   For what is's worth,the author's feeling is that all Zachry's are "kin",regardless of how their names were spelled.

   In preparation of this study many sources were used,including U.S. Censuses,County Records,Public Libraries,"Georgia Pioneers","The Georgia Genealogist","The Compendium of American Genealogy,First Families of America"-Vol.VII,1942 at the Dallas Public Library,"1805 Georgia Land Lottery" by Virginia S. Wood and Ralph V. Wood,"Glimpses Into the Past from My Grandfathers's Trunk" and other help was given by John Peavy Wright of Loachapoka,Alabama, who was editor with the Auburn Newspaper. This latter book was especially helpful concerning those Zachry's who moved to Alabama from Georgia and the East and on to the West.

   Probably,the most valuable assistance and encouragement which we received has been from the extensive research done by many other "Zachry's" and "Comer's" so graciously furnished for inclusion in this study,thanks to each of you.

   Our hope is that this book may encourage other Zachry's to continue gathering information concerning their Zachry Forebearers. The research has been found to be both fun and rewarding and the people we have bet,have been interested and helpful.

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