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Site Update

Beta Version of the site!

Now the real reason for a major update to the site - improved privacy!

Previously all people on the site would have information shown. That was fine when most the people in the site were no longer living. However with the success of the site we started to have many more people that are currently living. That meant anyone could find out the person's full name, date of birth, and mother's maiden name! Not good.

So I did a major overhaul on the site so that people that are considered living will only show up as "Living 'Surname'". This is inline with common practices in genealogy websites.

This new site has a slightly new look and hopefully some easier workflows. I'm working to get this newest version of the site to do everything the previous version did.

Please submit a BEACON request or contact me at karl@zachrys.com if you have any issues.


Home Contents

I was inspired to reserve this site by the book, The Zachry Family Tree "Southern Branch" by Clare H. Zachry.

I was initially just holding the site in the event that someone had the ambition to do something with it. Well, as a learning exercise for some new web tools I'm using I've put this site together.

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Site Goal

The goal is to get all of the contents of the book browsable on this site - and then some.

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I would like to get all the people listed in teh book in the database for this site. This is a daunting task. I suspect someone has done this already, but I've not been able to find it.

If possible, I'd like to extend the work started by Clare and others in this book. That is, as we discover others that fit into this heritage I'd like for people to be able to input that information. For example, I rean across "Randy Zachry" at my place of work (actually, he tracked me down). While he's not in the book, his father is. I would like for Randy to have a place where he could update the information from the book.

How this site works

"Anyone" can add people to this site. However, I've taken some minor steps to insure the accuracy of the data and intent. To enjoy certain features of this site (see "Features for Registered Users") you must first "register" for the site and sign in. This merely involves giving your name and e-mail address. This site will then e-mail you a link for activating your registration. From there you can add people or make corrections to the site. (See the note on E-mail Privacy, or e-mail me at karl@zachrys.com if you have any concerns.)

Finally, a note on copyright. The final paragraph of the book forward reads, "Our hope is that this book may encourage other Zachry's to continue gathering information concerning their Zachry forebearers. The research has been found to be both fun and rewarding and the people we have met, have been interested and helpful." I hope this site goes a small way toward fulfilling that hope.


Karl Zachry

If you have any questions you can contact me at karl@zachrys.com You can also submit issues or questions on the BEACON page of this site. This makes it easier for me to keep track of issues and get them resolved. You may even find answers to your questions already listed there.

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